Holiday Spirit

Hang a piece of mistletoe in the doorway of your home so you can steal a kiss from someone special. Or carry forth the old European tradition of hanging a “Kissing Ball” (round sphere of greens) in the center of a room — to add beauty to the room and to encourage couples to hug and kiss. In some homes, the father would hang a glass Christmas ornament shaped like a sweet pickle some secretive place on the Christmas tree. Whoever found it first would receive an extra gift.

We always decorated our Christmas tree together. Each of us hung our special ornaments on the tree. Lots of families who come into our shop have each child acquire a special ornament to represent that year – a sporting event, a particular memory, a happy moment. Hang a wreath on your front door. When our fore fathers hung a wreath on their door it was an indication of guests being welcomed into that home.

The most wonderful Tradition is bringing the family together…a time to worship together…to exchange gifts…to enjoy a “home cooked” meal. At “The Farmer’s Daughter” we foster tradition. A chance to meet Santa…to visit the animals…to savior the scent of freshly cut Christmas trees.

May your Holiday Season be filled with Tradition and Holy Spirit.