Holiday Tips & Topics

Christmas Trees


Balsam Fir – short, soft needles; sturdy branches; excellent needle retention; blue/green color – the nice traditional aroma.

Fraser Fir – short, soft green needles with silver under cast; silver under cast gives glimmering effect; excellent needle retention; sturdy branches; heavily sheared – “Our Specialty”.

White Pine – long, soft needles, good needle retention, excellent tree for garlands.

Real Christmas Tree Care Facts

A few simple care tips will enhance the enjoyment of your Christmas tree and keep it fresh and fragrant throughout the holiday season. Keep the tree outdoors, standing in a container of water, protected from the wind and sun until you are ready to decorate. This will help the tree retain its moisture.

Before bringing the tree into your home and placing it in a stand, make a fresh cut a minimum of one-quarter inch off the base of the trunk. This opens the tree stem so it can take up water. Immediately place your tree in the stand and fill it with fresh water. If you allow the water level to drop below the fresh cut, a new seal will form over the stem. Use a water-bearing stand with a capacity of a gallon or more.

Note: We sell stands which have a large water reservoir.

Holiday Greenery

All our wreaths are hand made. Sizes range from a 20 inch diameter to a 6 foot diameter; all are double faced; greens on both sides.

Varieties are plentiful!
• All Balsam • Boxwood
• Variegated Boxwood • Balsam and Cedar
• Balsam and White Pine • Cape Cod – our specialty – 4 mixed greens


The list of choices for our beautiful roping is practically endless.
There are 9 different varieties and mixtures to choose from. “Deck the Halls” with many different choices:
• Balsam Fir • White Pine • Laurel
• Cedar • Four Mixed Greens • Balsam with White Pine
• Boxwood • Douglas Fir • Balsam with Mixed Greens

Poinsettias, A Christmas Tradition

Often times as people decorate for the holiday season they forget about the beauty and warmth that poinsettias can bring to a room. These magnificent beautiful plants can be used as a center-piece on your table, a filler on an end table or fill an empty spot that you may have in your room. Wherever you put these plants, they will add beauty. We have a large variety of poinsettias in a wonderful range of colors, from burgundy, red, pink, mauve to white.

Please remember poinsettias are not poisonous!