The Farmer’s Daughter

Christmas 2021
Christmas season is the time of year when families should join together to enjoy one another, share a grand meal with good company, to laugh with one another, to worship together.

Tradition is still with us during the holiday season; selecting a Christmas tree, visiting Santa Claus, picking out an ornament, visiting with the cows and enjoying an apple cider donut.

This year my father peacefully passed away on Father’s Day. He enjoyed life to the fullest until his last moment. I was blessed to enjoy working together with my parents in our family business since 1982, for 40 years. My Dad, Mr. Post would want us all to be positive.

Enjoy everyday to the fullest. He was the most positive man I have ever known. He was my rock, and now I’m his boulder. So in his words. “Every Sunrise is a Gift from God.”

Merry Christmas
Cindy Bertrand

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