The Farm

The Farmer’s Daughter at Hillcrest Farm


All of the produce, food, plants, shrubs, trees and beef sold to you at The Farmer’s Daughter are locally grown and sold directly to you from our Farm, Hillcrest Farm.

Our theme, “We grow it, so we know it” emphasizes our desire to provide local farm freshness to our customers.

Year Round

All Year: Our beef herd is being cared for all year long. In the good weather, the beef cattle (Simmental and Polled Hereford) are grazing in the pastures. In cold weather they enjoy the comfort of the “beef barn”. Our beef is naturally raised beef, using no hormones, raised in a stress free environment.

We invite you to visit our farm. We are proud to provide you with the food/plants produced on our farm and sold directly to you.




Spring is the time of year when all the greenhouses are buzzing. Seeds and plugs are being planted to provide a wide array of annual flowers, perennial flowers, herbs, vegetable plants, trees and shrubs. Our perennial flower selection is the most extensive in the area with new varieties being added each year.


During the summer we continue to add even more flowers, trees and shrubs to our collection. Summer is also the best time to plant herb and vegetable gardens, landscape your house and plant your fruit orchard. Our selection is outstanding and not only includes our own vegetable plants but Burpee vegetable plants, Sarah’s herbs and Plants that Work herbs.


As the spectacular color of fall arrives our crop selection changes. Our pumpkins (8 varieties) and winter squash (10 varieties) are being harvested, corn stalks are being cut and happy fall plants such as perennial Mums, bright Asters, stately Heucheras, giant perennial Hibiscus, long blooming Hydrangeas, rich appearing Rose of Sharon arrive. We have everything you need for a beautiful fall yard.


Winter is the time of tradition. At the Farmer’s Daughter, we believe in tradition, it is a wonderful place to find the Peace of the holiday season. We offer three varieties of Christmas trees, decorated or plain wreaths, swags, kissing balls, roping and cemetery baskets. Our Christmas shop is filled with ornaments and unique gifts.