The Farmer, Don Post, my dad our mentor, The Legend, the man, passed away peacefully on Father’s day of this year, he was 89 years old. He enjoyed life to the fullest. I had the pleasure of graduating from college and going into business with my parents on our family farm selling retail products from the farm starting in 1982. In the ensuring 40 years, he and his family grew the Farmer’s Daughter to become cherished and successful garden center and season Christmas tree business. He was known by his customers and employees for this warmth and welcome gregarious personality. “The Farmer,” Don Post’s passion was to teach people his love of gardening.

It was his passion to help and visit with all the customers young and old. He loved teaching the kids in our “Kid’s Club” gardening lessons, and enjoyed solving gardening problems with the adults. He will be truly missed but never forgotten. I have truly big shoes to fill, but I have learned many things from the legend (my dad) and will carry on, his + my passion of, the love of Gardening to all of our customers.

On another sad note, Our Golden Retriever Abby, passed away peacefully in October. She had 12 wonderful years of enjoying customers. She truly loved visiting with customers of all ages. Riley our Corgi may have small paws, but will work hard at greeting the customers. Abby taught him well!